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The Hidden Review: Psych TV Series and Film Review

  “Hello I'm Shawn Spencer and this is my partner Radio Star. I'm afraid your video will kill him.” The Hidden Review has watched "Psych", "Psych: The Movie" and "Psych 2: Lassie Come Home" written and directed by Steve Franks, James Roday (2 films), and Andy Berman (1 film). The storyline of this beautiful film connects all the previous lives of these characters from the old TV series "Psych" which lasted 8 seasons in 2014. An explosive mix of comedy, drama, and detective genres enchanted the audience in such a smart way that made them feel not only part of the show but part of their jokes, cases to solve and perspectives to live. All talented cast and crew people with amazing chemistry made two films, and one TV series, which do justice to one another each time and are so worth the watch. Besides, not to forget to mention that the last two movies are tributes to two important people who made history in the life of the cast and crew. Tri

The Hidden Review: Cobra Kai Season 3 - TV Review

  "The enemy of your enemy is your friend" The Hidden Review has watched Cobra Kai Season 3, premiering on January 1st on Netflix, and this season stars the same cast members. The story follows the tragic fight at the school last season and the kids' ups and downs regarding claiming revenge, making new partnerships, and living with an angry mindset all the time. The rivalry between Larusso and Lawrence never lasts until they find out who the antagonist is in the story, and with the help of the arrival of old characters whose lead to make their good paths cross, hopefully for good. The bullying, breakups, and friend relationships of the kids never finish as their claim for revenge for what happens with Miguel, but as he finds a way to survive, the revenge at times meets compassion and partnership for a compelling turning point and twists which raises the stakes throughout the 3rd season which accomplished beautifully their bond relationships. Hopefully, all found their ide