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The THR has been at the press screening of the Italian movie, “In fila per due” (Lined up for two), directed by Bruno De Paola, produced by CinemaFiction, and distributed by No.Mad Entertainment, the movie is set between Portici (Napoli), Ercolano, San Giorgio a Cremano, and Morigerati in Cilento. Starring Andrea Di Maria, Francesca Chillemi and Ilaria Rossi, the movie introduces us to a world centred around the theme of love with different layers to unpack.

But, in this story, we find characters portrayed by well-experienced Italian actors like Giacomo Rizzo and Benedetto Casillo. Moreover, extraordinary professionals like Adriano Falivene, Antonella Stefanucci, Barbara Savinelli, and Brunella Cacciuni play co-supporting roles around them.

The story unfolds different twists hidden in the story of these principal characters, played by Andrea Di Maria, Francesca Chillemi, and Ilaria Rossi, who add value throughout the story.

However, the story is represented by an important theme not to underestimate, such as nature and its love. Because the story centred around the three main characters mentioned above, it is also focused on nature and, in particular, on earthquakes, and the Vesuvius show off his majesty and power that make fear influence people’s mind and make them decide to leave their comfortable homes for a short period so to be safe.

At the same time, just before the movie had a cinema release, the city of Naples, their provinces, and cities around were struggling in real life with powerful earthquakes that influenced fear in people by encouraging them to be safe. Therefore, this coincidental event appears relatable in many aspects, as it has happened quite often lately.

Furthermore, this catastrophic event that characterizes fear around the setting discussed reveals the struggling relationship of our main characters Germano (Andrea Di Maria) and Sonia (Francesca Chillemi), both thirty-five years old with two different personalities that do not help their relationship. However, the struggle arises even more due to Sonia's behaviours of possessive love against Germano, followed by unnecessary violence and jealousy. In fact, during the movie, to justify even more violent acts, it is mentioned multiple times that Sonia is well known to break the windscreens of cars.

Following this, another aspect that the movie itself introduces us is the “possessive love” theme that is related to a real issue that is happening in real life, particularly in Italy, as there are more frequent murder cases and acts of violence for genders between males and female, but mostly female. By analyzing it, this movie reflects the dangerous aspect of being in a toxic relationship despite any differences between genders, and it shows that even males can live a physical, and mental abuse in a toxic relationship. Therefore, according to it, without causing any misunderstanding in real life, it clarifies that without any gender differentiation, everyone can be in a toxic relationship potentially.

Germano follows the safety guidelines given due to the earthquakes. So, this event gives him the excuse to escape from her and go to a different place with other characters, where he finds the love of his life, portrayed by Ilaria Rossi. In this aspect, we see a different side of love, which is love at first sight and looks healthier than before, which raises the stakes of both relationships and brings Germano to follow his heart.

But, throughout the story, we notice a fine line between these ugly acts and comedy, which unfolds into irony and creates a sympathetic adventure for the audience while creating an empathetic experience and awareness on screen.

Overall, the director Bruno De Paola, his co-writers, the cast, the crew, and the production team have done terrific research and analysis to create a story that resonates with different audiences.

You can find the movie in all cinemas in Italy, follow the No.Mad Entertainment guidelines.

Congratulations to the cast and crew!

Hidden Fire stars 8/10 ⭐️

Review written by Al Fenderico

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