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" knew?"

The THR watched at the Barons Court Theatre " knew?" written by Bart Bartolini and directed by Maria Cristina Petitti. During a week of mixed weather, it was very apt to see a solo show dealing with the climate change crisis that was told in such a powerfully uplifting way.

The performer Bart Bartolini is terrific as he takes us on an energetic, funny and thought-provoking journey from the early eighties to the present day and beyond into the future, playing various characters with great confidence and charisma.

Primarily Willie, a former scientist who uncovers the truth about carbon dioxide emissions while working at Essen Mobil and balancing life with his wife and child.

Moreover, using a backdrop projector adds a very engaging multidimensional aspect to the show, whilst the lighting and overall design, at times overwhelming, keep the audience intrigued and mesmerised.

At the same time, the director Maria Cristina Petitti uses some interesting techniques and concepts that keep the momentum going throughout, like breaking the fourth wall and involving the audience in a quiz, and even Bartolini breaking out in dance, song or conversing in other languages.

However, this play is not only hugely entertaining and engaging, but it also educates and raises awareness of the global climate change crisis and is a stark reminder that we are all responsible for the future of our planet.

Overall, this show can go further afield and comes highly recommended to anyone interested in theatre performance with a strong message handled with lightness, humour and, therefore, a great deal of hope.

Hidden Fire stars 9/10 ⭐️

Review written by Tino Orsini

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